tirsdag 31. mai 2011

Who says I can't be free, from all of the things I used to be, rewrite my history..

So me and AH was at the mall today, and I was trying on some clothes at GinaTricot, and I was thinking - why not take a "today's outfit" picture. And I seriously felt my IQ dropping severely, no offence. But, anyways, here we go.
boots//HM -jeans//freequent-top//risøe-jacket//vila.dk

This is in fact my second outfit post, EVER. Thats nice, right? haha, sure.
Anyway, tomorrow is my exam, then I'm going to pick up a special delivery (I'll show you tomorrow, it is kind of a secret until then) and I am going to spend the evening with Louise. That is the plan, at least. So, wish me luck, you guys!

2 kommentarer:

Little Miss Sunshine sa...

Haha, har samme følelsen hver gang jeg poster outfits! Jeg tenker tilbake på den gangen jeg HATET outfitblogging og innser hvor lavt jeg har sunket, haha! Men samtidig synes jeg det er gøy å vise frem stilen min, så det blir litt ambivalens for min del!
For what it's worth, så synes jeg du var veldig fint kledd :-)

Emilie sa...

Ja, det er jo egentlig det! Må bli flinkere : ))

tusen takk ^^